Clicking Beat on the Brink of Nada

by Kevin Hale

So, this is a gay coming-of-age story about high schoolers who quote Sartre and discuss politics all day long. I’m relatively young and thought that was ludicrous, but a lot of the other reviewers say that kids during that time — the early 80s, I guess? — were a lot better educated than my generation, so whatever. It still felt weird. Also, there’s great humor in this book, the dialogue is really fun, and the main character’s love interest is so dreamy he’s unbelievable… but the ending! The fucking ending! A lot of the reviewers said that this is semi-autobiographical, which makes sense, because shit happens in this book for no reason and then there’s no follow up to it, just like real life… but it’s advertised as a novel, and even if it’s based in truth, the real-life events should be worked into something that matters. AND THE FUCKING ENDING! I have never felt so depressed and cheated and pointless as I did when I finished this book… and yes, I’ve read the last book of the fucking Hunger Games trilogy, too.