The Two Hotel Francforts

by David Leavitt

I really wonder how many people miss the subtlety of the last few paragraphs, the effect they have on the whole story, how they change the way the story ends. I’d like to take a survey to see.

In any case, though, the book is good. I love the tone, which is very Proustian remembrance-of-things-past, which we know I love. The characters are intriguing, though I can’t really say I’m that enamored with any of them. Perhaps because of the narrator, who’s siphoning this through his memory, the characters seem a bit… I dunno. Uninspired? I’m exhausted and I can’t think of the right word.

Despite this, it’s very easy to tell that Leavitt’s a talented writer, and I fully intend to read some of his other books as soon as I finish PROJECT ABCs… so stay tuned for more reviews!

Why I Finished:

This reminded me a lot of Andorra: literate, maybe a little pretentious gay author writing about closetedish gay men in Europe that you don’t really like that much. But I finished Andorra, and I finished this, so there must be something to that type!